Giving Back

We have always believed in giving back to our community.  We provide Pro Bono work for a few small charities in Costa Rica, a primary one being Fundamentes.  Fundamentes is an NGO providing mental health care to children in high risk social environments.  The idea is to prevent psychosocial problems before they occur, rather than try to treat them after the fact.

Children who grow up in abusive homes or in high crime areas often emulate their peers, lacking the fundamental skills required to escape their situation. The goal of Fundamentes is to establish children's learning centers within these risk zones. One has been successfully established in Pavas, a suburb of the Capital, San Jose.  A second is scheduled to be opened in early 2014.

The learning center is staffed by highly qualified psychologists and psychiatrists. High risk children gather at these facilities to learn and have fun in a healthy environment, surrounded by good role models who understand the mental issues they may face.  The children are taught life coping skills that will help them have a much higher chance of success when they reach maturity.

Power 3 Web is proud to be a part of helping these children.