Logo Design

Only you know your market and the type of logo you require for your business or brand.  A good logo is timeless and easily recognized with or without text.  A good example would be the Nike wave.  Let us help you design a logo that reflects the value of your brand and will appeal to your target market.

While many factors must be taken into consideration, a well designed logo has the following characteristics:

  • Reflects the corporate and/or brand values
  • Timeless
  • Adapts to any medium (print, web, clothing)
  • Distinctive, easily recognized
  • Appealing to target market

The logo development process varies according to need, but a broad guideline may include: concept formulation (discussion), basic concepts (sketches), deciding theme colors, formats and defining the review/approval process.  Our goal is to understand exactly what your needs are and fulfill them.  Contact us to begin developing a new corporate image or logo today.